Have you got a compelling story to tell?

We’re interested in having lean doers present their experiences to the group.

If you have an impactful story to tell of how lean has affected your life, your company or your customers or if you wish to teach about your successful implementation of lean in your organization, we want to hear from you.

We are aiming for excellence and so all presentations need to have high-quality content that is innovative, inspiring and courageous.

How to become a speaker.

Everything is a process.

To achieve the best experience for the attendees of GLLS 2020, there is a set process to follow if you wish to present your ideas & experiences at the Summit.

Paul explains the process in this video.

What is the format?

The format is a series of fast, impactful, to the point presentations that last 10 minutes. There is a screen for powerpoint slides and microphones around the room.

After you speak, there is a 5-minute question and answer session and then the next speaker takes the stage.

This creates an engaging event for the audience and allows us to deliver real value – clear nuggets of information and practical steps that listeners can take back to improve their companies and change the world.

Be coached by Paul Akers.

If you have a compelling story to tell, this is an opportunity for you to share your experience, in the spirit of generosity, to other leaders from around the world.

It is also a great opportunity for you to grow and develop as a person. Paul Akers will work with you, right up to the summit, to ensure that you deliver an excellent presentation and develop yourself in the process.

Next steps?

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Create your 4-minute summary presentation.
  3. Contact Paul directly via Whatsapp on +1 360 941 3748.