Apply to Attend GLLS 2020

The Global Lean Leadership Summit is for people serious about lean, who have no excuses. The Summit is specifically for people who are committed to the principles of lean and have established a culture within their organization that is implementing these principles actively on a daily basis.

Simply put, it is not for the curious… it is for the totally committed.

This is demonstrated by each leaders’ personal commitment to creating a culture of continuous improvement in his/her organization.


The event is hosted, at no charge, by the host organization. Each participant is responsible for their own travel & hotel costs.

Who should apply to attend?

Those wishing to attend should be leaders within their respective organizations. Owners and senior managers will be given top priority as it is vital that the lean journey is supported by the top administration.

Due to what is anticipated to be an overwhelming interest in the 2020 Summit and restrictions on accommodation in our rural location, a maximum of two participants from each qualified organization will be accepted.

Any additional representatives from qualified organizations will be placed on a waiting list until Aug 2020. We may begin sending invitations based on a first come first serve basis after that time.

Qualified attendees will be chosen on a first come first serve basis so it is encouraged to get your application in early!

How to qualify to attend?

This is important.

Send a short, 2 minute video, shot horizontally, of yourself showing us a little bit about you, your company, where you are on your lean journey & why you’d like to attend GLLS 2020.

Your video should describe and show;

  • Who you are.
  • What your organization is.
  • The current state of your Lean implementation and culture.
  • Your biggest wins to date and your biggest challenges.
  • What you would like from the Summit.

Video applications should be sent via WhatsApp to Paul Akers & the GLLS 2020 organizers at +1 (360) 941-3748.