About GLLS

Founding Document

The Global Lean Leadership Summit (GLLS) is an annual event that is held in different locations around the world. The Summit host is specifically selected to showcase their lean efforts as a learning laboratory for other lean leaders. The Summit has a strong spirit of generosity, of giving back to society by freely sharing best practices with one another. It is a non-revenue producing event that is held for the betterment of our society and people’s lives.


To bring together committed lean leaders from around the world to encourage, inspire, and learn from one another.  To spread the world-class concepts of continuous improvement and respect for people in order to:

  • Improve the way we work;
  • Improve the quality of our products;
  • Decrease defects in our products;
  • Show deep respect to our customers.


To change the world by teaching the power of small incremental improvements on a daily basis and improve the quality of life for millions of people.

Who should attend?

The Summit is for people serious about Lean, who have no excuses. The Summit is specifically for people who are committed to the Lean principles and have established a culture and organization that is implementing these principles actively on a daily basis. Simply put, it is not for the curious…it is for the totally committed. This is demonstrated by each leaders’ personal commitment to creating a culture of continuous improvement in his/her organization.

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How to qualify to attend?

Make a 1 to 2-minute video describing:
– who you are;
– who your organization is;
– the current state of your Lean implementation and culture.

Apply to Attend GLLS 2020. Click here.

How to qualify to speak?

Would you like to make a 10-minute presentation to the group? Due to time constraints, only a selected few will be able to present. We are not interested in theory…we want to hear about practical ways you have successfully implemented Lean thinking so that others can take these ideas and examples and implement them in their organizations.

We do not want the quality of the event to be diluted…it is extremely important this does not become a touchy-feely event, but rather all presentations need to be high-quality content that is innovative, inspiring and courageous.

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The event is generally 2.5 days long and is comprised of a 1/2 day tour of the host facility, a day-long conference with presentations by select attendees, and on the final day, there is a hike where everyone comes together to enjoy the outdoors and team spirit.

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Each participant is responsible for their transportation, lodging, and food. The event is hosted, at no charge, by the host organization.


The Global Lean Leadership Summit was hosted by Paul Akers, author of 2 Second Lean, and was first held in 2014 at FastCap in Bellingham, Washington. The first Summit was attended by organizations that had successfully implemented lean and wanted to come to FastCap to learn more about moving their organizations to the next level. Because of the success of the 1st and 2nd Summit, it was decided to have the Summit moved to different locations around the world.

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GLLS Video Highlights

GLLS 2019

Fireblast & Phenix Technologies, Riverside, CA, USA

GLLS 2018

Yello Tools, Windeck, Germany

GLLS 2017

Cambridge Engineering, St Louis, MO, USA